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Autora: Verónica Amaro Bermejo

It’s Christmas time, that time of the year again! Many people around the world are celebrating Christmas. For some it is a religious occasion; for others it is a chance to relax and get together with friends and family. It’s that most wonderful time of year, when friends and families can bond, share quality time together and exchange gifts.

This is a Christmas review where you can learn Christmas vocabulary, find out about Christmas celebrations and fun apps, write and send out holiday greetings, count down to the big day, play holiday-themed games and more.

First of all, here you can learn some curiosities about HOW ENGLISH CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS DATES;

       Advent is the period of four weeks before Christmas. The Advent calendar originated in Germany. It consists of a card with 25 little doors; you open each day until Christmas. Behind each door there is a Christmas scene and usually a piece of chocolate for the kids.

      Christmas Eve is on December 24th. It’s the night when Santa Claus (in the USA) or Father Christmas (in the UK) comes and fills the children’s stockings with presents.

       Christmas Day is on December 25th. People usually go to mass and have a meal together with their family or friends. The Queen gives a traditional speech.

       Boxing Day is on December 26th. People give presents to servants and friends. In the UK it’s a public holiday. It originated in medieval times, when every priest was supposed to open the alms box and distribute the money or gifts to the poor people.

       Twelfth Night is on January 6th. There’s a period of Twelve Days after Christmas, during which people gathers with friends and have parties04 diciembre 2017 2. The «Three Kings’ Day» is not celebrated in England or USA.

Now, here you have an assortment of the BEST CHRISTMAS APPS


Musical Advent Calendar (Android, iOS: Free)

Classical music label Naxos Records gives us a Christmas-themed musical offering with the Musical Advent Calendar app (Android, iOS). As the calendar progresses from December 1 to Christmas day, the app unlocks a new Christmas-themed piece from Naxos’s vast library of classical musical pieces. With pieces ranging from classics such as sections of Handel’s Messiah to Mozart’s Sleigh Ride to lesser-known pieces, the Musical Advent Calendar adds some nice musical cheer to your smartphone.

04 diciembre 2017 3Christmas Radio (Android, iOS: Free)

Do you want an app to get your pumped for the big day? Christmas Radio for Androidand iOS allows users to tune in to more than 50 unique Christmas-themed Internet radio stations. Choices include everything from Jazz Radio Christmas and Kristmas Kountry to North Pole Radio.

Elf Yourself (Android, iOS: Free)

The Elf Yourself (Android,iOS) app uses some basic photo manipulation magic to transform you, your friends, family and pets into silly dancing elves. Simply choose up to five photos from your camera roll or gallery and then select a dance theme, and Elf Yourself will generate a short video of dancing elves that you can share via email or Facebook. In-app purchases allow users to select additional dance themes.

 Inkly Cards (Free)

Create and send your own handwritten greetings cards straight from your iPad (or iPhone). Inkly lets you choose your card from over 1,300 designs. You can then write your message on a piece of paper, photograph it with your iPad camera, and transfer your handwriting (and sketches if you so wish) inside your chosen card. Then pinch it, zoom it or rotate it to suit. Pay £2.99 plus 49p first class postage and your handwritten card is printed and sent off for delivery.

NORAD Santa tracker (Free)

An app developed by the North American Aerospace Defence Commandwhich lets you (or your kids) watch Santa’s progress as he makes his annual trip around the globe. Available exclusively on Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone, or via a browser, the app also offers a recreation of Santa’s Village, a new game every day, festive music and opportunities to get live updates on Santa’s location.04 diciembre 2017 4

On the other hand, you can learn English with CHRISTMAS SONGS through writing activities and practice your listening skills

Click up the following link to listen and to complete the activities.


Finally, here there are some CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR COURSES;


These courses are running as usual and schools are open throughout the Christmas period with the exception of Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day. To complement these courses, each school produces a special festive programme. Click below in the following links for more details;

Regent Brighton

Regent Cambridge

Regent Edinburgh

Regent London

Regent Oxford

Regent Scanbrit in Bournemouth

  Regent Home Tuition

 That’s of all for this month. See you the next year. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2018! Best wishes!

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Autor: Verónica Amaro Bermejo


Shepherd’s Pie

 Shepherd’s Pie is primarily made from minced lamb and potatoes. Many families will make this dish using beef, but then it should actually be referred to as Cottage Pie, as shepherds only herd sheep (duh). 

Most Brits would agree that Shepherd’s Pie is best eaten at home with your family and, in fact, the dish is not often served in restaurants.

 Beef Wellington

Beef Wellington is a fillet of steak coated in patê and then rolled in pastry. Although the dish shares its name with the famous Duke of Wellington, it actually shares no link with the British nobility. In reality, it is thought that Beef Wellington was based around the French dish filet de bœuf en croûte (fillet of beef in pastry).

Beef Wellington is served in posh pubs and restaurants up and down the country.


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Keep an eye in English



Autor: Jimena González Sanz.


Simply put, reading comprehension is the act of understanding what you are reading. While the definition can be simply stated, the act is not simple to teach, learn or practice. Reading comprehension is an intentional, active process that occurs before, during and after a person reads a particular piece of writing.

What is the reading process? What do we do during the reading process? The following ideas can sum up the main things that happen on each stage.

The reading process has three stages: The initial stage, prereading or before reading, then the second one that happens while reading and the third and last one is the post reading or exploring and extending your reading. 

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Autor: Jimena González Sanz.


Hi everyone! Welcome back to our English space where you can find interesting websites and ideas to improve your learning English learning. Today we are going to tackle a complex topic: phrasal verbs.

A phrasal verb is a phrase that consists of a verb with a preposition or an adverb, or both. In many cases the meaning of the phrasal verb cannot be deduced from its separate elements. In addition, many phrasal verbs are polysemous i.e., they have more than one meaning. There are also difficulties with the grammar of phrasal verbs, particularly with the position of the particles, in that some phrasal verbs are ‘separable’ (the particle can be moved), while some are ‘inseparable.’ Quite apart from all this, there are literally thousands of them

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